Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sorry Mate


I have decided to start a blog for our band called "the Jim Band".  I would like to post these songs on Facebook but Jim had a paddy about them owning copyright etc so I have done this instead.  These songs are just demos and not finished.  Often you will hear me arguing with the autotune, often they will only be guitar and vocal, often they will only have a backing drum beat and more often than not they will be a bit rubbish.  If you have any suggestions as to how the songs could be improved (as long as that does not involve good guitar playing) they would be more than welcome.

Please don't tell me that i cannot sing.  I know this.  Phelim is a better singer but does not seem to be writing as many songs as me nowadays.  I guess he is just lazy.  I will try to give some kind of comment on what we have recorded and what they are about but to be honest, my lyrics (and Phelim's) are terrible.  You do not need to have a GCSE in English to understand what we are saying.  In fact, don't listen to the lyrics they will only disappoint you.  Just listen to the nostalgic sound of us desperately trying to recreate music we loved when we were at school.

I would like to play some gigs but we are not ready yet.  Phelim has a kid, Mark has 2 kids, Jim has a new house that he is doing up and we need to practice covers for Lara and Xan's wedding to make sure we do not embarrass anyone, so it may be a while before we actually play any gigs.  If we do play gigs soon please come down because chances are that we will not be ready and mistakes will abound so this could be entertaining.

Anyways, here is the first song that I am going to post.  It's called "Sorry mate" and it is the 2nd song that I wrote for this band.  As mentioned before, the singing is bad and I did not finish all the backup vocals (there should be more in the pre-chorus bit).  Maybe one day I will finish it.  It has a Alkaline trio feel to it, apart from the harmony guitar - that is pure Weezer.  If you had not guessed after the first listen, it is about Phelim being a plonker and thinking that he was going to be a rockstar when he was young and so not planning for the future.  Up until recently I never knew he felt this way.  I mean really felt this way.  Still, things have turned out rosy for him now and he has a wife and family.  Good on the big man.

I think it is good song, even if you don't.  Enjoy.



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