Sunday, 28 November 2010

South Africa


This is an old song.  I'm sure I remember Phelim playing this to me when we were at sixth form in Burnham Grammar.  That must have been 2001 or 2002.  We never really played this in Muffin or Japan4 but it was resurrected for Fugitive from the Tune and this is a recording from that era.  If anyone ever heard any FFTT stuff you may know that they were good songs but the recording was shocking - it's like Phelim decided to add a layer of white noise on top of all of the tunes he tracked.  He also decided to program crazy keyboards over every song and turn them right up in the mix which I guess is what gives these FFTT "sessions" their unique "charm".

This is a song for the broken hearted about a girl who shall remain nameless but if you know her then the original title of "Why don't you fuck off back to South Africa?" does not leave much to the imagination.  In fact I remember only calling it that as a joke to wind her up - there was no real malice in that title as we were all chums again when the song was written.  Happy days.  The lyrics are so straight forward they could be from a Janet and John book but that's how the big man rolls you gotta respect that.

Why play this song in The Jim Band if it is so old?  Well there are 2 reasons.  The first is that we love this song and it easy to play (I don't like to be challenged when playing live music!).  The second point is more important as Jim only agreed to join the band if we played this song and he is an important member of this band as without him there would be no eye candy.  God, he is gorgeous.

Anyways, dreamboat bassists aside, here you go.



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