Sunday, 28 November 2010

Is it ok


Another song now.  This is a big P one as I stated in in my last post.  A newer song from the big man this time but unfortunately this demo is nowhere near complete.  Alas, you will get used to this kind of laziness eventually.  It seems that the vocals and guitar are there but the drums are not finished and there is just one drum beat that repeats through-out the whole song.  Obviously this will change when we play the song live.  Also, I am not sure if there ending is anywhere near done yet.  I think that the original idea for the ending was to make it slow down and then build up again to a massive crescendo like "Summer wind always was our song" and "Your boyfriend sucks" by The Ataris but this nowhere near that yet.  I guess that with practice it will come good eventually.

I am not sure how much Phelim likes this song.  I think that if we put proper drums on it and thick double tracked rhythm guitars he would soon change his opinion - he can be a somewhat judgmental fellow when he does not like something straight away but we all have our little quirks.  I really like this song and I know that Jim likes this one as well.  It makes me happy that Phelim can write a song like this.

Musically the big man is still leaning towards The Ataris and The Get Up Kids here.  This is quarry that he has mined since school and long may it continue.  I would like to say that the stuff I write sounds like The Get Up Kids but I'm a bit different - not sure how he gets this feel in his songs.

This was tracked in typical Phelim one-take-wonder style round Mark's flat in his "music room".  Lucky bastard, I wish I had a music room.  That said, I swear half of the equipment in there belongs to me!

Don't be a hater.



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