Sunday, 28 November 2010

Friday Night with P and James


I have checked the stats and I does not appear that anyone is actually reading this blog.  However, this does not bother me and in fact I think I prefer it that way.  I am not one to ram my ideas down other peoples throats but I find the process of writing about and sharing this music quite cathartic.

This is another one of my songs but I will be posting another one of P's next.  I say "my" songs but ultimately it belongs to our band as a collective. As I have previously mentioned this blog is a dumping ground for demos and as such these songs are not yet finished.  I know that the more we play, the more it will evolve and change.  Mark is bound to change the drums and fills, Jim is bound to change the bass and P will change his guitar and back up vocals.  When we practice this tune P has already added another guitar part in the verse and extra singing.  Good work.  Without sounding poncy, this my favorite part of being in a band - watching songs grow and change.  Actually scrap that, my favourite part of band life is playing gigs and getting drunk enough to forget how the songs go and what the words are.

Back to the song at hand.  This is first song that I wrote for this band and was penned before we got together.  It has a Teenage Bottlerocket feel to it as I had just started listening to "They Came from the Shadows".  I loved the simplicity of that record - it kind of sounds deliberately shit.  Well, to my ears anyway.  As the painfully obvious lyrics protest, this song is about growing old and not going out - not that I used to go out a lot anyways.  There was a time last year when I used to go around Phelim's a lot, play FIFA and drink beer.  Despite the somewhat tongue-in-cheek downbeat nature of this track, those were good times.  It seems that I am now being nostalgic about a time when I was feeling nostalgic.  Sigh.

As soon as this was finished I knew that Tindall would love it.  After all, he is name-checked heavily in the pre-chorus - who wouldn't love that?  I wish that I had finished the backup vocals for this as there should be another harmony over the top of the oohhs (or is it aahhs?) in the chorus.  Oh well.  Progress on this was halted as mum and dad came home and I did not want them to hear me belting out forlorn stories of about my lost 20s from my bedroom.

Enough of the ramble, here you go.  There are some notes in here that even the autotune couldn't save.  Sorry.  You have permission to wince in the same way that I do when someone hits a bum note on the X Factor.



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